Plan A Wedding On A Budget

While, every bride plans a fairy tale wedding many would not possess the necessary budget to pay off the costs associated with the wedding until retirement. Thus, the following article would explore some options that are available for the bride and the groom to ensure that they plan a fabulous event without going broke. 


As one of the most expensive aspects of planning a wedding is renting an event hall for the ceremony and reception the bride and groom can reduce this cost drastically by hosting the reception at home if there are only a limited number of guests. If, not one can also select an outdoor venue because apart from eliminating the renting cost it also creates a picturesque backdrop for your big day. However, one should also invest in a sturdy test if rain has been forecasted.


Music is the heart and soul of a wedding reception but if a live band is out of your budget instead opt for a wedding DJ Brisbane as they are generally less expensive than bands. Furthermore, one can also create a personalized experience by creating a playlist on their iPods and using their stereo equipment to place speakers around the dance floor to play the music. Moreover, if there are any musically inclined relatives or friends you can also ask them to perform.


If your budget doesn’t allow for reliable party entertainment hire one can instead recruit relatives or friends who moonlight as magicians or comedians to wow the guests. Moreover, one can even arrange a dance off with men on one side and ladies on the other. One can either arrange for someone to judge to best and worst moves or if a DJ is hired ask him/her to decide. Furthermore, instead of having the traditional guest book for guests to write messages on one can alternately have a video box for guests to record their messages.


Instead of opting for an extravagant buffet or 5 course sit down menu consider a family style dinner as the reception is hosted for a limited number of guests. But one has to ensure that they provide a variety of choices for all the guests to enjoy including both meat and vegetarian dishes.


As you are working within a budget simplicity is key, thus, instead of attempting to create a ton of DIY details opt for simple decorations. Therefore, one should be smart with their flower choice and pick a type where you can obtain a lot of flowers for less money. Furthermore, one can also create the perfect ambiance using candles.