Fun Activities To Make “Tying The Knot” More Memorable

Tying the knot doesn’t have to be a melodramatic event like how some people describe it. Factors such as guests that don’t know each other and poor event planning may contribute to the likelihood that the event won’t turn out to be as fun as it should be. But, everyone present in the event must take part in making the bride and groom’s special day such a fun celebration. The following activities will surely make the newly-wed couples and their guests enjoy the event while they also laugh their hearts out.

Ring Toss

This game requires that at least two teams be formed. Paint those wine bottles according to the theme of the event. Create a small hoop that mimics the design of the couple’s symbolical rings. The team with the most number of rings tossed into the bottles wins the game.

Dare Wheel

This is a fun spin-off from the usual truth or dare game. However, instead of having the “truth” all options written are dares. A guest can spin and whatever task it points to, he or she is obliged to perform it, no matter how silly the task may seem.

Singing Challenge

Music provides great entertainment for events. Make a list of all the bride and groom’s favourite songs. Play only the introduction of the song and then quickly turn it off. The guests will have to guess the title of the song and then sing a few lines.  The guest who is able to guess the most number of songs will be entitled to a prize. You and your guests can take part in fun games like this if you find affordable wedding accommodation Tasmania since the hotel can provide music and entertainment at reasonable rates.

Knowing Them

This game reveals who among the guests know much about the bride and groom. A question will be asked for the guests to answer. These questions could be, “who loves to eat ice cream?” the guests will then raise their cards showing the word “bride” or “groom”, depending on their answers.

Photo Booth

This is important especially if you’re planning destination weddings. A photo booth must be an indispensable part of the venue. Tying the knot won’t be complete without pictures that will serve as a remembrance of the celebration. You can set this photo booth as wacky as possible using costumes, moustaches and other silly props that the guests can have fun with.

Piñata Mess

Who wouldn’t want to rummage candies from a smashed piñata? This is ideal for kids and kids-at-heart. You can shape the piñata according to your own preference. It could be a giant heart or a giant ring.Getting hitched doesn’t happen every day. Make it an “event to remember” by everyone, including the guests by incorporating the above-mentioned activities.